The Alignment Collective

Google Ads Assessments

The Alignment will look at your Google Ads account and assess the account setup, campaign structures, keywords & targeting strategies, ad copy, Pmax, Smart, Smart Shopping, video, display and Discovery configurations. We are happy to tell you if your account is sound. We can offer our expert advice, and we can tell you if your account can improve.

We can also look at your tracking via Google Tag Manager. We can look at your shopping feed via Google Merchant’s Centre, and we can evaluate your performance metrics in Universal Analytics and Google Analytics 4. 

Your Peace of Mind is Worth a Second Opinion

Google Account assessments don’t cost much and they don’t take a lot of time, and they’re worth their weight in gold. 

Explore All We Offer

If you’re not ready to talk to us, read more about our services like:

  • Fulfillment contracts – that allow you to strategise and create all of the messaging while using The Aligment to set up and implement your campaigns.
  • Strategy contracts – that give you more control over messaging while using The Alignments strategical expertise.
  • Executive contracts – takes all of the work and responsibility for Google Ads off your shoulders. The Alignment does all work, using all of our expertise. Our client sets KPI’s, and we reach or exceed them. 

Explore our complete Menu of Services or read about The Alignment’s CEO. Discover who we are and what we have to offer, and email Stephanie when you’re ready.