The Alignment Collective

The Alignment believes in generosity of many kinds. Where and when we can, we give our time, expertise, and money. We are grateful for the success we’ve earned, and firmly believe that investing in charitable initiatives should be an imparative of the capitalist paradigm – especially in our current era of corporate greed.

October/November 2022: The Aligment sponsors HUGS (Help Us Give Smiles), a charity in Ireland started by Sarah McDevitt, supporting children in Kenya.

Sept – October 2022: The Alignment provides gift-in-kind services of free Google Ads management, tracking, and consultation to

September 2022: The Alignment made a private donation to a school in Dublin that serves students with special needs allowing the school to invest in computers and laptops for student use. 

June 2022: The Alignment offers a gift-in-kind to The Denizen Theatre in New Palz, New York.

March 2022: The Alignment help sponsor De-Cruit, Treating Trauma Through Shakespeare and Science.

January 2022: Code to Inspire the first coding school for women and girls in Afghanistan.

December 2021: The Alignment sponsor 1 of 3 playwrighting residencies for AGE (Advance Gender Equality) in the Arts.

The Alignment CEO, Stephanie Courtney, personally supports on an ongoing basis: