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Fulfillment Contracts

A Fulfillment contract allows our clients to define the Google Ads strategy and messaging that we fulfill to their specifications. In this scenario, The Alignment is not responsible for KPI’s, and while we will make recommendations based on our experience and expertise, we fulfill our clients’ strategies and messaging, and we report on performance – but we aren’t culpable for outcomes or targets. 

The strategy for campaign types, spend, ad copy, and targeting are specified by the client. The degree to which we collaborate and advise is up to each client.

The Alignment builds the Google accounts and campaigns. We liase with Google about any campaign issues – including getting ad approvals for restricted products. We maintain the campaigns, account and daily budgets, bid management, etc. 

The Alignment will provide reports based on the KPI’s and data the client defines. 

Because we are implementing your strategies, ads, and targeting, we don’t take responsibility or credit for performance. We are happy to advise and collaborate as requested.

Fulfillment contracts are highly suitable for businesses with clear and well developed digital marketing plans, but without expertise and knowledge of Google Ads’ platform. 

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  • Executive contracts – takes all of the work and responsibility for Google Ads off your shoulders. The Alignment does all work, using all of our expertise. Our client sets KPI’s, and we reach or exceed them. 
  • Strategy contracts – that give you more control over messaging while using The Alignment’s strategical expertise.

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