The Alignment Collective

Success Requires Fortitude

Whatever the Obstacle, The Alignment Finds the Way

we are good at what we do Because...

...we serve your customers

We align ourselves with your audience. We serve their needs by marketing your website.

Customer experience is our highest priority. It’s a higher priority than serving our clients.

What we offer is equal parts web development, marketing, and customer retention. 

When we run into issues that impede our ability to serve your products and services, we collaborate with your web developers, marketing department, merchandising, and customer service to align endeavours that will drive successful customer engagement with your website.

Meet Mrs Whistlebottom, the quintessential customer.

Menu of Services

We offer many standard services; however, each client requires unique attention. We work with our clients to ensure they get the best, most appropriate services for their needs.

Our menus are a starting point, what we create for you will be specific and distinct. 

Items from our Ala Carte menu are charged at an hourly rate and completion of work product is finite.

Items from Table d’Hôte are contractual and work product is consistent and continuous.

À la Carte Services

Table d'Hôte Services

we aren't afraid of Obstacles or trying new things

Rising to Challenges keeps us inspired

We are strategic thinkers, structuralists, and performance gurus with a dash of artistry and creativity. We explore, test, and let data and user behaviour drive your success.

The Alignment Collective is a woman owned, digital agency. To that end, we are not digital cowboys riding the hype of the next big thing. We are not a slick, bells-and-whistles group that are trying to sell you the moon. If you want the moon, there are plenty of cowboy agencies to which we can refer you. If you’re looking for success grounded in reality, we might be the agency for which you are looking.

We are an agency that digs in. We research your business, your products and your services. In many cases, we know our clients’ products and inventory better than they do. We put the effort into long term success, not just short term, easy gains.

In an industry like digital marketing, automation is driving the future, and we are fully behind automation when it drives success, but in industries like pharmaceuticals, automation is strictly regulated in some regions and absolutely restricted in others. Handcrafting permissable advertising is nessary for success in regulated industries, and that’s where we thrive.

We have the personnel and expertise to power manual ad creation, optimisation, and maintenance. Manual ads (like Google Responsive Search Ads, sitelinks, price links, etc.) are the linchpin of Google advertising. Automation drives reach and often times revenue. Manual administration drives revenue with higher ROAS. The combination of both, in the right measure, is the vein of gold our clients thrive on.

To understand more about our approach to clients and the digital landscape, read our Standards of Practice page.