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Strategic Contracts

A Strategic contract allows The Alignment to formulate strategies for customer engagement and success. Messaging and creative is defined by the client and fulfilled by The Alignment. In this scenario, The Alignment is responsive and responsible for specific, pre-determined KPI’s.

In consultation with you, The Alignement designs the Google Ads strategy – including choosing campaigns types, building campaign structures, and defining ad targets. 

The client provides their own ad copy, messaging, creatives, etc. The Aligment implements the ads, but is not responsible for writing or creating them. The client is in complete control, and has sole ownership, of the ads.

The Alignment provides reports based on agreed KPI’s and at agreed intervals.

The Alignment is responsible for KPI’s specifically related to the strategy, but not related to ad engagement. We will consult and advise on messaging and ads if we see areas for improvement.

Strategy contracts are highly suitable for businesses with clear and well thought out messaging and branding, but without expertise and knowledge of Google Ads’ platform or how to strategically engage with Google Ads.  

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