The Alignment Collective

Artisans & Engineers

We’re experts in Google Ads so you don’t have to be.

We know that’s much easier for us to say than for you to believe. We encourage your skeptism. If reading through this site doesn’t put your doubts to rest, contact us. We enjoy a good debate, and we always learn something from opposing points of view.

If we peak your curiousity, contacting us won’t unleash any sales vultures. Our work speaks for itself, and in most cases we’ll be able to add value to your Google Ads campaigns and reduce your media spends and agency costs.

We handcraft every ad and effectively structure every campaign.

Yes, that does take effort, as well as talent and ingenuity, and it is the bedrock of sucess with Google Ads. We aren’t interested in mediocre, mass production. We’re interested in creating value for the select few clients we serve. We don’t charge extra for it either. It’s who we are. It’s what our clients pay for. 

We create elegantly layered campaigns that drive the most conversions at the lowest possible cost.

We can’t give away all our secret recipes, but we layer text, Pmax, video, display, and app campaigns to get deep media penetration that drives engagement and sales at high rates of conversion. 

We’ve engineered our own Google shopping feed solution

We call it the Re-Alignment Engine. It allows us to automate  data that requires  constant updating (like prices and stock status), while also allowing us to optimise stable Google shopping feed attributes that significantly improve customer engagement and ad serving of Performance Max (Pmax) campaigns.

If your shopping feed has multiple Merchant Centre disapprovals for out of sync pricing, invalid GTIN’s, Google policy violations, among other violations and warnings, our solution can improve, if not completely remove, these issues. 

Since this makes our job easier and makes campaigns more successful, we don’t charge extra for it – (no more Channable, Pimberly, or other extra fees for third party SaaS that doesn’t really fit well to begin with). 

This combination of handcrafting and automation generally means less than 1% product disapprovals in your Google Merchant Centre for all attributes (except for out of stock products – we’re good but we don’t do procurement) and we are well able to handle ecommerce websites at scale for thousands of products. 

Our Re-Alignment Engine is particularly helpful for Magento websites which have issues with Google crawls, and Merchant Centres using .xml feeds or Google API’s where inventory data is not optimal for shopping ads. 

Virtuosos of Lean

  • The Alignment excels at driving revenue at the lowest ad spend. This doesn’t mean we offer discounts on CPC or that we target cheap traffic. On the contrary, we go after premium searchers with targeted ads that convert at high rates of return. We build impeccably structured campaigns that work elegently with Google’s precision machine learning, and the results can be (and have been) remarkable. 
  • We increase Return on Ad Spend (ROAS). We optimise and refine text ads, shopping feeds, ad copy, keywords, ad extensions, and landing pages continuously to reach optimum ROAS. We drive campaign revenue until we discover the point of diminishing returns. This requires diligent effort and effective expertise, which is The Alignment’s calling card. 
  • We don’t charge fees based on a percentage of media spend. We don’t have a vested interest in ad spend (other than spend determining the scope of campaigns). One of the biggest ironies in Google Ads administration is agencies that charge fees based on ad spend have no incentive to save money – which also means they get to do less work while charging higher fees. The Alignment charges by the hour for non-contract work, and flat fees contractually and/or incentive based fees as a percentage of revenue (not spend).
  • The Alignment are virtuosos of lean…at least where Google Ads are concerned. We leverage Google Ads with precision to serve customers with targeted offers, which drives revenue at the highest rate of return for the lowest possible cost. We don’t want to spend more than is absolutely necessary and we don’t eat the media savings we generate by charging exorbitant fees.
  • Let us assess your Google Ads account. If we don’t find areas of improvement, you will know that your account is being run as efficiently and cost effectively as possible. When we find a little room for improvement, we will give you guidance to improve. If we find significant issues, we will discuss what your options are. e-mail to set up a short, no cost, consultation. 


We Are Discerning

We take on clients that offer value; that respect their customers and their staff, and that strive for better.  We are particularly eager to engage Davids that can take on Goliaths (it’s what Google Ads was built for).

Customers First

We bring customers to your website. They matter most. We align with them. We campaign for them – on their terms. We respect what they need and how they seek fulfillment. Success is positioning your products as their answer.

Google is a Means...

…not an end. We are Google certified, we are not Google minions. Not everything Google offers is useful or cost efficient. Not everything Google requires is truly mandatory. When we need to, when it serves your customers, we work around Google’s barriers to reach success.