The Alignment Collective

The Alignment Manifesto
Quality Before Profit

The Alignment Collective is made up of conscientious geeks, who are invested in offering quality services. Most of us have worked for top, global ad agencies. We went out on our own because of our disillusion with those big name agencies that were more interested in profiting from mediocre work than in building superior, sustainable campaigns. 

After years of being told to put in the least amount of effort to capture the lowest hanging fruit for as many clients as possible (some of which were the biggest brands in telecoms, banking, and retail), we discovered how flawed the business models of big agencies are.

There is a better way. A way that inspires diligence and innovation in our team, engages our ownership and responsibility for campaigns, and drives revenue and ROAS success for our clients.  

Truly successful Google Ads campaigns require time and effort. While Google has automated a lot of functionality, the core work necessary to drive conversions at the lowest possible costs requires expertise and labour. 

The Alignment does not scrimp or take short cuts when building accounts – especially because account infrastructure – from setting up tracking, to building ads and feeds, to reporting – determines every drop of success. 

Innovations in Google Ads’ platform have enhanced PPC marketing, and increased Google profits significantly since the upgrade of 2018. But, the more an account relies on Google automation, the less cost effective the advertising.

That’s why The Alignment blends automation and hand crafting to create truly robust accounts. We also have been successful in working with Google to approve veterinary pharmaceutical ads, and we use shopping and text ads for unrestricted retail products. This blend, along with appropriate media spend, allows us to drive significant revenue with high ROAS. 

A point of clarification: Google’s machine learning is exceptional – but machine learning and automated campaigns are two different things. We champion Google’s machine learning in all campaigns, we limit automated ads (like Dynamic Search Ads) when they are less cost effective than standard text ads.

In order to serve our clients at scale, The Alignment has developed our own bespoke database which allows us to maintain, update, and optimise text and shopping ads as neccessary.

We also run thousands of text ads that include price points and savings messaging to drive significant engagement. 

Our database also mines product information enabling us to highlight products that are regularly out of stock to merchandising teams and buyers – empowering our clients to meet increased demands wherever possible.

Our achievements are most successful when we are allowed to work autonomously. 

This is a tricky subject because businesses like to control their marketing efforts, but most business owners and marketing managers don’t have the in-depth expertise of The Alignment. 

Our pricing model reflects our inclination for autonomy. We charge less in fees to have autonomy over our strategies and campaigns, and we are incentivised by bonuses based on the revenue we drive. 

Introducing The 3 Minute Egg

Short Videos about Google Ads Administration

a creative approach

Meet Mrs Whistlebottom

The brain child of Brian monahan

When a former client lacked the ability to administer quality control of their website, costing thousands in revenue, Brian created Mrs Whistlebottom to be the quintessential customer of this online petcare company.

she is our audience

Mrs Whistlebottom has come to represent every customer we serve. We care about her, her needs, wants, and her customer journey.

Look at it from her perspective

Mrs Whistlebottom is the perfect mix of whimsy and practicality. She keeps us honest. At every turn, we ask ourselves 'would this help Mrs Whistlebottom'?

A little Whimsy Goes a long way

We definitely take our work seriously, but we also know that enjoying our work makes us so much better. We want Mrs Whistlebottom to have the best customer experience possible and to be well cared for. The idea of her helps us go the extra mile - and that makes all the difference.

The Caveat

The Alignment is Selective

The Alignment is not a ‘one size fits all’ agency. There are some businesses that we choose not to serve.

We look for websites, brands, and businesses that will benefit from collaborating with us. We particularly enjoy working with Davids who take on Goliaths – it’s what Google Ads was built to do.

We want to work with clients who understand and respect our ethos, and who value our expertise and commitment. 

Our track record and successes are quantifiable. Our innovations and expertise are some of the best in the business. Our prowess and savvy are certainly niche, but we believe in being masters of our trade.


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