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  • A boutique Google Ads agency
  • Based in Ireland servering the US, UK, & EMEA
  • Google Ads, Analytics, & Shopping experts
  • Market specialisation:
    • pharmaceuticals (human & veterinary)
    • elective surgery (cosmetic & plastic)
    • cardiothoracic sergeons & practices
    • medical devices & device manufacturers

The Alignment Collective
Google Ads Growth

Alignment Client Revenue Growth 2017 - 2021

The Proof of Our Pudding

There are usually three main factors clients use to evaluate digital marketing agencies: growth, costs, and ability.

The graph above shows revenue and ROAS growth driven by The Alignment Collective (formerly iCommunicate) over the last 5 years. While revenue growth is as dependent on ad spend as it is on skill, ROAS is an even stronger indicator of expertise. While most digital agencies excel in one or the other, The Aligment Collective prides itself on driving the highest possible revenue for the lowest ad spend.

You would expect that we charge more for our services because of our success and talent. Instead, we generally charge less than half of the monthly fees most agencies charge. We prefer to charge low flat-rate fees with bonuses based on PPC performance.  Tying our compensation to our clients’ PPC revenue, with a baseline ROAS, creates the right incentive for mutual success.

We are Google certified, with 15 years experience in Google Ads – text, Performance Max, Smart, shopping, display, and video; Google Analytics – including Google Analytics 4; Google Merchant Centre – including optimisation and automation of shopping feeds; and Google Tag Manager. We are experts in direct sales with unique experience in pharmacueticals – especially getting text ads approved by Google for veterinary prescription and medical products.

The Alignment Collective stands apart from our competition in more than just our philosophies. This past year, we created and built a database that allows us to fully automate price changes – at scale – for text ads as well as shopping feeds. This allows The Alignment to build robust, elegantly structured text ad campaigns (which are still the linchpin of Google Ads), while also engaging aspects of Google’s automation. We offer the perfect mix of handcrafting, with the full engagment of Google’s machine learning, and our own, bespoke automation tailored to each client’s needs, websites, and product inventory.


We Are Discerning

We take on clients that offer value; that respect their customers and their staff, and that strive for better – especially in the face of adversity. We are eager to engage with clients who challenge the status quo, who understand that fundamentals matter, and who want to change the game as they play. We are particularly eager to engage Davids that can take on Goliaths (it’s what Google Ads was really built for).

Customers First

We bring customers to your website. They matter most. We align with them. We campaign for them – on their terms. We respect what they need and how they seek fulfillment. Our success positions your products as their answer.

Google is a Means...

…not an end. We are Google certified, we are not Google minions. Not everything Google offers is useful or cost efficient. Not everything Google requires is truly mandatory. When we need to, when it serves your customers, we work around Google’s barriers to reach success. 

The Alignment offers a range of service options to satisfy

Google Ads Assessment

For websites with existing Google Ads accounts looking for performance assessments.

Account Optimisation

For websites with existing accounts that have growth potential but aren't reaching full potential.

Account Build

For businesses that have yet to use Google Ads or that should scrap existing accounts and start from scratch.

Contract Services

We can work month to month or on a contractual basis. Please go to our full Menu of Services to see our contract plans.

Google Certified

The CEO of The Alignment has been certified by Google since the Google Advertising Professionals (GAP) programme began in 2004. 

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We write text ads that comply with the rules and regulations of restricted prescription and medical products.


We built and maintain our own state-of-the-art database that allows us to automate stock status, price changes, shopping feeds and much more.


We pride ourselves on compliance with the requirements of the FDA, AMA, ASPS, and AACS in the US; RCVS and VMD in the UK; Läkemedelsverket in Sweden; and governing bodies in the Netherlands and Belgium.


We are consistently successful, not only because of our expertise but because we don't give up; we test and explore, and we're not afraid to explore all the possibilities along the way.

Over 15 years experience

With specific focus in the pharmaceutical industry (both human and veterinary); plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and cardiothoracic surgeries and surgeons; medical device manufacturers and devices.

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