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Neil Fitzpatrick

Neil Fitzpatrick

Ecommerce Leader and Growth Strategist 

It is my pleasure to provide a glowing endorsement for The Alignment, an exceptional Google Ads agency that I believe truly stands out in a crowded market. Having worked with Stephanie Courtney and her team for over a decade across multiple brands and markets, I can attest to their consistent delivery of outstanding results in terms of growth.

What sets The Alignment apart is their deep engagement with clients at every step of the PPC process. From initial consultation to ongoing optimisation, they work closely with you to ensure that your advertising campaigns are fully aligned with your business goals. If you were to engage with them, they would become an integral part of your acquisition strategy and critical to your success across all channels.

The Alignment’s dedication to achieving success for their clients is unmatched in my experience. Stephanie’s determination and expertise will match your ambition and take full responsibility for your ad spend budget, while ensuring that your return on ad spend keeps growing. Unlike other agencies that may present misleading performance data, The Alignment focuses on quality, which takes time, talent, and ingenuity to build truly successful results.

One outstanding example of The Alignment’s exceptional work is their success in moving the needle for vet prescription certification at Google. Something which did not exist before but critical to the standards of pet health across the UK. 

Another example is the two-year period of detailed evidence compiled by The Alignment, which was used to support a successful legal dispute with Google. Few agencies are willing to go the extra mile for their clients, but The Alignment has shown time and time again that they are willing to do so, even when the terrain gets rough.

Their focus on aligning your products and services with your target audience’s needs, and taking charge of the customer experience, is their top priority. And it shows in the results.

I credit The Alignment’s excellence in Google Ad management and foresight for the success I oversaw in growing an online pet pharmacy to become the largest in the UK market. 

I highly recommend The Alignment to any business looking to achieve success with Google Ads. Their dedication, expertise, and client-focused approach make them an invaluable partner in achieving your growth and success goals.

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Introducing Stephanie Courtney:

The Artist & The Entrepreneur

Stephanie Courtney is the owner and CEO of The Alignment Collective. She is also an international theatre director and producer, who has worked in web development, SEO copy writing, and website marketing for more than 17 years.

As a San Francisco native, it was probably inevitable that she would end up supporting her life in the performing arts by working in digital marketing. What she didn’t expect was how much being an artist would lead to the success of her business.

The one thing both marketing and theatre directing have in common – when either are successful – is delving into the audience’s experience, from their point of view, to capture their attention, to entertain them, to change their minds and perceptions, to inspire them to go to places they didn’t even know existed.

Stephanie’s superpower is a knack for seeing potential – in all manner of people, places, things – especially when those subjects are unaware of it.

Her indepth understanding of play writing and play structures gives her a significant advantage when structuring Google Ads campaigns – and as long as Google bases its ad serving on search queries, Stephanie’s abilities with language will continue to be a considerable asset. 

Stephanie began working in website development at Etna Interactive, where she was an SEO copywriter for cosmetic, plastic, and cardiothoracic surgeons, as well as medical device manufacturers. 

She began working on Google AdWords at MindShare (a Group M agency) after she moved to Ireland. She created Google AdWords accounts for eircom (Ireland’s national telecoms provider), MBNA, Irish Life, Unilever, and many more. She then worked for OMD Ireland where she created Vodafone Ireland’s Google AdWords account.

After leaving agency life to start her own business, she began consulting for Carat/iProspect, administering accounts for Bank of Ireland, Airtricity, Carphone Warehouse, and more. 

She went on to win Arnott’s account, where she met Neil Fitzpatrick. In 2017, Stephanie began managing pay-per-click direct sales marketing for a leading online pet care store as an independent consultant, growing PPC revenue by £20 million over 5 years. 

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