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Standards of Practice

Our commitment to Quality Drives Real Success

We Don't charge for work we can't do

ethics & integrity matter

Too often agencies charge fees for services they can’t deliver. Not entirely because they aren’t capable, mostly they use barriers to convert as excuses. They have no vested interest in correcting website functionality issues because obstacles give them something to blame for not reaching targets while continuing to charge fees. 

After years of providing account assessments for Google Ads, Amazon accounts, social media accounts, and websites for SEO quality, we’ve found lots of agencies that charge dearly, offer the moon, but don’t deliver on their promises.

Too many times we see those agencies blame their clients for obstacles to delivery and success. 

It’s true – obstacles exist – but agencies should have standards of practice to ensure they aren’t billing for services they can’t fulfill, and/or they should engage in fixing the problem or find a way to work around this issue. 

The Alignment doesn’t accept barriers to conversion as justification for deferral of responsibility. We collaborate and participate in eliminating or overcoming obstacles to success. We take responsibility for reaching targets seriously, we are exhaustive in our pursuit of success, and we are ethical about fees and charging for services. We don’t charge fees we haven’t earned.

Passionate, Agressive, & Unique

A Boutique Agency for Exclusive Clientele

We are Selective

As a boutique agency, The Alignment is driven by quality, so we hand pick clients who can significantly benefit from our expertise. We look for businesses that are ethical, that enhance people’s lives, and that treat their employees and business partners well.

We are Ethical

We take our work seriously, and strive for the highest possible standards. We believe that at its best the digital environment can be dynamic, empowering, and beneficial for businesses and customers. We endeavour to support what makes the internet thrive and resist engaging in activities that undermine the integrity of the web and the experience of its users.

We Are Pragmatic

We don’t believe in hype, fads, or magic. We believe in data, efficiency, and effort. We explore, test, and assess everything we do. We also question everything because assumptions lead to false conclusions that cost money and time.

“Principles matter most when it would be easier to ignore them.”

Stephanie courtney

Trust & Responsibility Are Core Values

Success Generates agreement; Challenges require trust

Lots of digital marketing agencies boast about their successes – but what happens when challenges are formidable or initiatives go wrong? The factors that drive success are very fluid and the ones that matter most are often beyond your control. 

Changes in user behaviour due to economic factors, changes in ad serving due to Google policy and platform changes, and changes in supply chains and supplier costs are constantly influencing conversions, revenue, profits, and costs. 

The difference between a good working relationship with clients and detrimental friction is trust.


The Alignment take responsibility for everything we do and every decision we make. We are undaunted by setbacks, and we are determined to succeed – even when that means putting in extra time and effort above and beyond our usual standards of practice. 

We also lean in to challenges because we can be creative about obstacles. If there is a way to overcome adversity, we will find it.

If we can’t find a way to overcome a challenge, we are honest about why. We are not a one-size fits all agency, and we would rather help you find another agency that fits your business than spin your wheels into the ground. 



The Alignment’s work ethic and commitment to quality are our top priorities. Success with Google Ads requires expertise and effort; attention to detail and skill; determination and the courage to lean into problems rather than skirt them.



The Alignment stands behind every decision we make – especially the decisions that don’t drive instant success. We thrive with clients that understand how important it is to explore rather than merely following the latest trends. 



The Alignment takes action and gets things done. We explore. We create. We assess. We learn. We optimise, and we keep going because there’s always more to discover. We are a driving force for the evolution of our client’s websites, merchandise, and sales.

Being the best for a few clients is more important than being adequate for a multitude of businesses.

The Alignment thrives as a small agency, serving clients that benefit significantly from our expertise, inginuity, and execution.