The Alignment Collective

Executive Contracts

An Executive contract allows The Alignment to be solely responsible for the Google Ads’ strategy, campaign implementation, and performance. Executive contracts give The Alignment the autonomy to drive success using all our resources and expertise. The client defines KPI’s, revenue and ROAS targets, and The Alignment creates strategies and messaging to reach, if not exceed targets. Executive contracts have lower monthly costs but include a bonus incentive – giving us a vested interest in driving the most revenue possible for budgeted media spends.

In collaboration with our clients, we create a robust Google Ads strategy to reach all the potential available based on the media spend. 

The Alignment writes and creates and is responsible for all ad copy, messaging, and ad assets. 

The Alignment imports our clients’ inventory and pricing into our data model to automate price changes in both text and shopping ads. Where appropriate, we also provide stock status reporting on an hourly and daily basis.  

The Alignment is responsible for all KPI’s – with certain conditions with regard to stock issues, pricing, website functionality, etc. Where existing issues create obstacles to ad serving or barriers to conversion, we will work closely with our clients to implement solutions that drive success. 

Executive contracts are highly suitable for businesses eager for direct sales success, who expect high revenue at the lowest media costs possible. 


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