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Google account Optimisation

Google Ads Account Optimisation

Google’s recommendations to improve optimisation score are not a panacea and implementing any of them without understanding how they will affect your account can be detrimental – especially since so many recommendations increase spends and lower ROAS. 

The Alignment can optimise your account based on what is best for your customers and how they engage with your website. 

Our speciality is optimising campaign structures, ad group and keyword structures. We’re also experts in ad copy and optimising Pmax campaigns to name a few.

Google Tag Manager & Analytics

We can assess your Google Tag Manager account to make sure all of your tracking is set up appropriately, and we can look at your Universal Analytics and Analytics 4 properties to make sure all of your tags are reporting and to make sure you’re tracking is in-depth and robust. 

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  • Executive contracts – takes all of the work and responsibility for Google Ads off your shoulders. The Alignment does all work, using all of our expertise. Our client sets KPI’s, and we reach or exceed them. 
  • Strategy contracts – that give you more control over messaging while using The Alignments strategical expertise.
  • Fulfillment contracts – that allow you to strategise and create all of the messaging while using The Aligment to set up and implement your campaigns.

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