Marina Village, Greystones, Ireland

  • A boutique digital marketing agency
  • Based in Ireland servering the US, UK, & EMEA
  • Google Ads, Analytics, & Shopping experts
  • Market specialisation:
    • pharmaceuticals (human & veterinary)
    • elective surgery (cosmetic & plastic)
    • cardiothoracic sergeons & practices
    • medical devices & device manufacturers

Menu of Services

We offer many standard services, but each client requires unique attention.

Google Ads Assessment

For websites with existing Google Ads accounts looking for performance assessments.

Account Optimisation

For websites with existing accounts that have growth potential but aren't reach full potential.

Account Build

For businesses that have yet to use Google Ads or that woulld benefit from starting over from scratch.

Contract Services

We can work month to month or on a contractual basis. Please go to our full Menu of Services to see our contract plans.

Success Requires Fortitude

The Alignment continually drives revenue and ROAS success for our clients.

The Alignment Difference


We write text ads that comply with the rules and regulations of restricted prescription and medical products.


We built and maintain our own state-of-the-art database that allows us to automate stock status, price changes, shopping feeds and much more.


We pride ourselves on compliance with the requirements of the FDA, AMA, ASPS, and AACS in the US; RCVS and VMD in the UK; Läkemedelsverket in Sweden; and governing bodies in the Netherlands and Belgium.


We are consistently successful, not because we have all the right answers but because we don't give up, we test and explore, and we're not afraid to make wrong truns along the way.

Over 15 years experience

With specific focus in the pharmaceutical industry (both human and veterinary); plastic surgery, cosmetic surgery, and cardiothoracic surgeries and surgeons; medical device manufacturers and devices.

Proudly Marketing

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